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Name:Del Singer
Birthdate:Mar 12
Sane side of [personal profile] made_pretty (CW for kidnapping, scarring, and general trauma)

Del is a normal girl; she goes to college. She has few friends, but talks to those she has often. She gets average grades, and enjoys a good book.

Sometimes, when she gets to stressed, though, she stops being Del.

Delilah is a pretty girl; she has to be. It's what she whispers to herself as she slips into sleep - and clings to as she dreams.

She can't remember why anymore - who hurt her, no matter how many times the psychologists ask. Who made the cuts across her back. She can't remember much at all - Delilah Sallinger isn't her real name. Neither is Del.

Notes on Del:

- She tends to downplay her looks.

- All identification is in her name.

- She lived in the foster system until she was 18

- She attends the local (public) college.

- She is aware of Delilah, but tries not to tell anyone about her.

- Despite no longer being an (official) part of the foster system, she is still required to come in regularly for treatments.

- It is uncertain whether Del, Delilah, or neither is the "real" her. (Though it is thought that Del is the protection that keeps Delilah from a complete breakdown, and allows her to be somewhat-functional.)

Mun and muse are 18+
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